Dynamic Bike Fit now offers a video review of yourself on the bike in the Studio. A great way to view your riding style, allowing us to assist you in adapting that style to achieve a more efficient pedal stroke and increased power output. 

Don’t let the closure of forests or the cold winter keep you off your bike! Pop in to check your cleat settings for the spin bikes or indoor trainers and let’s use this winter to focus on posture and pedal stroke. Don’t forget that if you have new bike, have lost weight, gained weight or have improved your fitness, or if you have gone through injury rehab, you should come in and have your bike set up checked and changed. 



Dynamic Bike Fit realizes the importance of good nutrition whilst training, during events and during recovery. 

Staying on top of your changing nutritional needs will make a huge difference in performance. 

  • See the impact on a change in diet on the body to make sure you are eating correctly
  • Fine tune your fitness program by monitoring progress of muscle mass and basal metabolic rate
  • Monitor visceral fat 
  • Set your target for your body type and monitor progress
  • Get a race nutrition strategy plan specific to your needs

Please have a look at our web page for more info on pricing etc or e-mail us.